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The holiday season is here. Seasons Greetings to you and your family! Eat, merry and rejoice. Yes, holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year – for people and businesses! People love shopping this time and as businesses, let’s make shopping more fun with holiday marketing!

You must have seen numerous offers, campaigns, products which change their UI to align with the holiday spirit, etc. But how do we move past Christmas charms and discounts? So glad, you asked! Let’s explore how can we take our holiday marketing strategy to the next level!

Why Does Holiday Marketing Work?

Have you ever wondered why people don’t mind stretching their budgets around birthdays, weddings and deaths? Emotions, precisely! People are all driven by emotions. They receive and react to emotions differently. Nevertheless, people feel. For instance, what do you do when you want to indulge yourself? Book a spa appointment or eat a tub of ice-cream?

Holidays are the time people are the happiest! They spend time with friends and family and rejoice. They make decisions with their hearts. “Oh, look at this sweater! My mom always wanted something similar. Yes, a little over the budget but I can stretch!” Precisely. When people make decisions with their hearts, the decisions are centered around making them “feel good”. Splurging on self or loved ones gives one the feeling of accomplishment.

Consider two businesses – one simply sells products but the other tells you a story to make you laugh, feel inspired and happy. Who would you resonate with? No doubts there! Have a look at the holiday marketing tips we have for you.

Surprise, care and affection in marketing
Surprise, care and affection in marketing

Holiday Marketing Strategies

Set a Goal

“We just want to rush to the good stuff! Tell me how do I build a splendid holiday campaign.” Well, sure, but why do you want to build that in the first place? Is it because everyone else is doing it or is there a metric you are targeting?

“If you don’t measure it, you cannot improve it!”

Before you start building your next campaign, think about the goal. Do you want to increase brand awareness? More website visitors? More signups? Increase sales? Boost user engagement? Once you’ve set up your bigger picture, go small and smart – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely, e.g., get 500 more followers, get 100 more shares, etc. These small and specific goals help you to gauge how close you are to meeting them.

Collaborate Your Offer

Forever 21 Holiday Shop
Forever 21 Holiday Shop

Forever 21 is a classic example of execution skills. Whether it is a category or product, they collaborate all under their “holiday shop”. Nevertheless, your holiday offer will vary depending on your customer and goal. You don’t always have to create a “holiday shop”. Figure out what will wow your customers.

For instance, if you run a beauty salon, identify your top services and create an offer around it. If you’re a SaaS business; offer credits, extended free trials or an ebook about personalization! Step in your customer shoes to know what they’d really want.

Promote “Gifts”

Holidays are the time when people usually shop for friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Have an e-commerce business? Curate “gifts for mom“, “gifts for brother”, etc in your promotions. SaaS business? Consider “gift your friend free credits this holiday season”!

People click on relatable content and Google knows that! If a person has been searching for “holiday gifts for spouse”, there is a high probability your ad will pop up, given you target the right keywords. Go social while promoting gifts. For instance, if your promotion contains “gifts for spouse”, consider targeting correlated interests, e.g., “someone who got married recently”, or “someone who likes relationship advice”. Go beyond the usual instinct and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you were looking for a gift for your spouse or colleague, what else would be going on in your life? Probably you share a friendly relation with your colleague or probably you bond over problems with the boss and have an inclination to follow “deal with work pressure” topics. Identify correlated interests and step up your targeting game!

Personalize – Get Inside the Mind of the Customer

41% of customers interact only with personalized ads rather than random ads! Personalized marketing is targeting individual users based on their behavior, buying pattern, demographics, and other personal data. With the ever-evolving era, customers, too are evolving. They expect more and better. Needless to say, customers take brands for granted! And only to help us serve better!

If I am traveling this holiday season, I expect you to show me attractions around my destination. I also expect you to recommend places based on my past interaction with your platform. Identify your customer interests using demographic, social and historical data to showcase relevant campaigns.

Get a step further and personalize your homepage according to your user’s interests. It would make sense to display “Christmas discount on Apple products” to users with an affinity to spend more.

Keep the Holiday Spirit Intact

Holidays, in the end, are all about celebration. Don’t let customers think you don’t understand that. Don’t overdo marketing efforts to override the holiday spirit. Show how you resonate with their joy.

Showcasing kindness and concern
Showcasing kindness and concern

Remember the fundamental purpose of the holiday season and let your campaigns revolve around the same. For instance, if it is family, embed the importance of spending time with family in your holiday campaign. Say, if you sell t-shirts online, create a campaign like “Get t-shirts for the entire family for the perfect photo shoot, this holiday season”! If you are a restaurant, welcome travelers and provide special services and demonstrate kindness.

Of course, you want to accelerate sales during the holidays, but don’t forget to have fun in the process! Your customers are expecting the same. They want you to promote your product to them but in a way that resonates with them. Pull up your sleeves, it is never too late to make the customer happy during the holidays!

Do check out these brilliant examples of holiday marketing.

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