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Why is it that some brands pop out of nowhere and become an overnight success while some struggle to get the word out? Is it possible they have magic beans? Well, it turns out that you just need a little creativity to get where you want.

Brand Awareness is a result of delivering your message to the right audience in the way you want them to perceive by a combination of several user touchpoints. You have a great product/service as well as you’ve chosen the right segment. It should work now, right?

Products don’t sell themselves. You need a marketing strategy. For a new brand, you might want to start off by positioning yourself in the market. Here are some of the ways to create Brand Awareness. Milliman, president of the design division at Sterling Brands, shares his insights through surveys and interviews in the bestseller, Brand Thinking.

Let Your Brand Speak

Create Brand Awareness:

Start off Right

Yes, your brand name, logo, design, caption – they speak for themselves. They should reflect your authentic story and company values.

Be a Storyteller

Tell a good story. A story with a positive background makes people pay attention to your brand. It helps them remember your brand once they have a persuading background story to link it. Business at the core is about people. Connect with them.


Put your content generously and frequently. Is your product a healthy snack? Present your audience with free, generous health tips! Want to promote a clothing brand? Give them fashion advice! Share real knowledge. It’s only when people appreciate your offering that they’ll recognize your brand.

Partner with an Established/Local Brand

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a related domain, but a related audience. Your audience might be interested in traveling; partner with a travel portal. Get the word out by leveraging the brand’s reach.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? The idea is here to entice your audience. Roll out a free trial for early birds, kickstart with free wallet credits or actual physical products. How will it help? Word of mouth.

Go Social

Go where your audience is. Are you targeting food lovers? Find #foodies on Instagram and Twitter. Track their activities. Reach out to them. Find out their likes. Engage in a conversation with them.

Influencer Marketing

Give your brand a fun, unique brand identity. Reach out to influencers you think have a relevant fan following. Both ROI and marketing potential are immense here.

Create a Controversy

No publicity is bad publicity. What better way than to be controversial? Take a stance on a trending industry topic and you might be attracting a lot of attention.

Encourage Guest Blogging

Offer guests and other popular bloggers to post on your site and share their content. Create memorable and valuable content.

Capture hearts by venturing into social causes

By working on a cause society cares about, you show your concern, empathy, and dedication. Business is about people, at the end of the day and people feel stuff. Strike the right chord and you’re good to go.

What are the techniques you applied to build a brand? Comment below or write to us at [email protected]

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