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Design a Snooze feature for Gmail (Browser, Desktop)

User Persona: Tom is an author and a power user of Gmail. He likes to have Gmail always open on his desktop’s browser tab.

User pain point: Tom works on his book for seven hours a day. During this time, he likes to keep his Gmail open to search for existing emails, however, he is always distracted by the barrage of incoming emails. He wishes there was something he could to do to “hide” these incoming emails for just those seven hours.

Summary: Snooze feature added as an action button (drop-down menu), intended to be displayed on the top of the page in your inbox, allows a user to hide incoming email notifications for a specific time period (1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, 1 week). The feature will enable the user to:

  • Snooze notification of all incoming emails for a specific time period (1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, 1 week).
  • Un-snooze notifications before completion of the time period.
  • Set time for custom snoozing.
  • Schedule daily snoozing.

User-visible elements which will be added or changed:

  • A snooze drop-down menu with above-mentioned use cases.

Go To Market Message: Manage your inbox with new snooze feature. Your very own feature which says, “Don’t bother me now email, come back to me when I can deal with you”.

Segments Targeted

  • Users who keep Gmail active in the background while working.
  • Users who wouldn’t like to be bothered by constant notifications.
  • Users who would like to respond to emails at specific time intervals.

Key Metrics Impacted

Assumptions: Since we are focussing on active Gmail users, we look at user engagement and satisfaction metrics. Lincoln Murphy says, “engagement is when your user realizes value from your SaaS”.

  • DAU (Daily Active Users): Assume you define “active users” as “one who is signed in”.
  • Session Duration: How much time users spend once they sign into their mail account (even if it’s running in the background). Session duration can be a good indicator of user experience.
  • Sessions with most user interaction: It shows when people have most taps, clicks, drags and so on. This is great to understand how users navigate through the new feature and can help spot trouble areas.
  • LTV (Lifetime Value): LTV is a revenue metric, which shows how much the users of your product are worth – moneywise.
  • Customer feedback: Does your service live up to the customers’ expectations?
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score): A combination of customer rating and feedback, this metric can be tracked over time.

Key Assumptions

  • Users are signed into their Gmail account in the background.
  • Active users are the ones who sign into their mail at least once, daily.
  • Users do not want a “priority” or “important” mail notification during the snooze time. All emails are snoozed.


Wireframe shows snooze feature at the top of your inbox
The wireframe shows snooze feature at the top of your inbox
Snooze drop down menu
Snooze drop down menu

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