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Whether it’s working out, staying fit or eating healthy, we are all preoccupied with the concept of healthy living. Due to our fast-paced lifestyle, I think it becomes mandatory to consider a healthier way of living. You can perhaps, find a gymnasium or a fitness center in your locality also! I recently visited a fitness center, Cure.Fit in my neighborhood and was completely amazed!

Like any other fitness center, they have facilities like a personal trainer, an assortment of workout plans, fitness enthusiasts and positive vibes all the way. Cure.Fit works a little differently than a traditional fitness center. With a healthier lifestyle being the focus, they provide an end to end solution for your wellness. The fitness app uses your location information to display a range of workout classes you can attend in your neighborhood, a list of nutritious dishes you can order, quick at home health checkup guide and a self work-out starter kit.

Lessons to Learn From Cure.Fit

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is a result of delivering your message to the right audience in the way you want them to perceive by a combination of several user touchpoints. It becomes imperative for a new business to educate and familiarize consumers (or potential consumers) with their brand before they sell. Cure fit happens to do it just right.

Branding Lessons
Branding Lessons

When most of your consumers are online, making a digital presence becomes crucial. Since “health and fitness” is a popular niche, therefore the opportunity here is immense. Sure, there are numerous apps and centers which sell health services, but “innovation” is the key here. Cure fit not only went a step ahead to create a community of fitness enthusiasts but also made it available at your own convenience. A mix of various group workouts and routines, a variety of yoga and meditation classes, healthy and wholesome meals freshly prepared and a health checkup package, it incorporates all your wellness needs.

Social Media Marketing 

Done right! From regular and engaging content to educating users, cure fit is making an effort to resonate with its users online. If someone wants to lead a healthier lifestyle, he is probably sub-consciously scanning related data online. If you present him with information on how he can make small changes to his lifestyle to reach a step closer to his goal, he will not only be happy to hear it but also develop a level of trust and begin to recognize your brand.

Paid campaigns

Furthermore, you need to run paid campaigns. All of us do. Whether it’s Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, etc, we’re competing against each other to gain the maximum out of our paid advertisement. Most noteworthy, let me take a moment here to appreciate the range of advertisements cure fit has.


Do you remember how your mom cheered you up by exclaiming, “you’re special” every time you got to be a tree in a play? There’s the catch! By stating a sense of “specialty” or “exclusivity”, you create a higher likelihood of being liked. How does cure-fit incorporate it? Every time you want to attend a workout class, you need to book it well in advance. If it slips your mind, you might not get a chance to attend the class! Lesson? “Create a sense of urgency and exclusivity”.

Celebrity Endorsements

Hrithik Roshan or Milind Soman – your childhood crush! Wouldn’t you be excited if I told you your childhood crush is taking a session in your neighborhood? (Not that it happens every day!). Be it celebrity endorsements or influencer marketing, you bank upon the celebrity/influencer’s fan following. Their likes, dislikes, trust, and loyalty can do wonders for your brand.

Cure.fit Paid Ads

Canvas ads, carousel ads, single image ads or video ads – cure.fit doesn’t shy experimenting with any!

Facebook Advertisement Cure.fit
Facebook Advertisement
Facebook Canvas Ad Cure.fit
Facebook Canvas Ad

As I emphasize, it is about “creating an experience”, not just “selling a product”.

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