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Product Requirement Document

User Persona

Alex is the head of recruitment at a leading IT consultancy. As dedicated as he is, he looks for passion, dedication, and aptitude to learn and grow in their career when hiring new talent for his organization.

User Pain Point

Even though there is no dearth of applicants, Alex understands the hassle of finding the right fit for his organization. He wishes there was some way to validate a candidate’s skill to help pick the right talent. He continuously looks for alternate ways for talent acquisition.

Important Features and Use Cases:

Recruiter dashboard exhibits an array of options; from posting a job to searching for candidates based on selected criteria.

  1. Post a job: Portal automatically creates a JD for employer’s requirements when the employer fills the requirement questionnaire.
  2. Resume Search/Search within candidate profile: Employer can search among MOOC’s database on the basis of a keyword, experience, skills, etc. Sorting options such as “recently acquired skills, advanced learner, active in the past DD days” can be made available.
  3. Profile Recommendations: Upon every job requirement form which the employer fills, portal recommends a list of most relevant profiles. The employer can use his discretion to reach out to them. Assumption: Employers can contact learners via email/phone.
  4. View a learner’s profile.
  5. Shortlist/contact learner.
  6. Reach out to an applicant.
  7. Track Applicant: Where in the hiring process is the applicant; screening, number of applications, shortlisted candidates, etc.
  8. Export Data to Excel/Data Analysis tool: Information about all the applicants can be exported to excel for every job the employer posts. Available on employee dashboard includes parsing resume to assess skills, experience, designation and contact information of the candidate -> information which will be populated in excel file.

Segments Targeted

  • Recruiters who want skilled IT talent and not just a resume.
  • Recruiters who want experienced professionals and have industry knowledge.

Problems Being Solved

  • Recruiters can find candidates who are skilled but there is no evidence validating their skills.
  • Managing hundreds of applications can be tedious.

Key Metrics Impacted

  • Active Users: Assume an active user as one who has posted >= 1 job posting or searched for learners.
  • Lifetime Value: How much do recruiters value your services and are ready to pay for it?
  • DAU(Daily Active Users): Employers scan through profiles and resumes and interact with the portal on a regular basis.
  • Session Duration: Assume a session as the duration an employer is logged in on the portal.

Key Assumptions

  • Employers do not wish to chat with learners on the portal.
  • Active users are employers who have either posted >= 1 job or searched for learners.

User Flow

Employer logs onto the portal and wants to look for skilled candidates for a role within his organization. He clicks on “Post a New Job” and is handed a questionnaire about the type of job, experience, and skills required, location, pay, department and so on. Upon submission, the system creates a job description for the job and makes the posting visible on Career Services. Additionally, the system detects keywords from JD and matches the same from its database of learners to recommend the best fitting learners for the role. It is now the employer’s discretion to either choose among recommendations or wait for applicants. Employers can remove or close a job posting which will display “Not accepting any more applicants” on the posting page.

Out of Scope

  • Chat with learners
  • Schedule Interviews

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