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Everyone needs a grocery shop. Whether you’re cooking a sumptuous meal or are just out of milk, you want an accessible and feasible department store. How many times have you gone to your local store just to realize they’re out of stock or offer an alternative to what you were searching for? How many times have you had the urge for a warm coffee but felt too lazy to step out? It is a real pain point, hence, the boom of online hyperlocal markets – BigBasket, here.

Everyone is online, always! Online grocery shopping not only allows you to choose from a wide catalog of products but also permit you to do so on the go. Yes, they’re everywhere. Everyone is shipping groceries. You’ve heard of at least 10 stores which sell foodstuff online. Your local neighborhood store probably does, too! All of them are making money because everyone wants food. However, how many are there for the long run? Perhaps, all the stores you know have a wide variety of products; some even more or you possibly are fond of the small talk with the store owner. You’re sorted, I concur. But hear me out, here.

BigBasket was founded in 2011 in an attempt to deliver to every Indian household. It has shown a steady growth rate, had its ups and downs and chooses to innovate iteratively. What are they doing differently?

How BigBasket stands out: Smart-Basket.

Smart Basket by BigBasket

Like your mom, Smart Basket will remind you of the products you’d probably need. Let’s have a look at how we think it works. Let’s say you bought a carton of milk and a pack of garbage bags a few days ago. By popular belief, you’d probably consume a litre (33 oz) of milk in roughly 2-3 days whereas a pack of garbage bags should last you a month (assume a pack contains 30 bags).

Therefore, you’re out of milk by now and go back to the store to purchase it. But wait, what do you see? Smart basket already contains a carton of milk. “They’re probably just adding up my previous purchases”. Well, probably they are. But that’s not what they’re limiting themselves to. To accurately recommend a list of products, they need to analyze your purchases, log in the timestamp of purchases and perform a detailed category wise analysis of shelf lives of these products.

We do not really know how many brain-hours are put into this, but we are simply surprised and amazed by the results! We also hope a detailed data analysis is performed by them (cross my heart and hope to die).

Say goodbye to forgetting groceries, running out of them or being nagged by your roommate!

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