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What is “The Product Journey”? How does each user touchpoint affect the lifecycle of your product? From discovery to awareness, from consideration to action and then delight, find out all about the journey your potential customers go through.

But let’s start with some humor, shall we?

“A product manager walks into a bar. Only one stool, one bottle because owner built minimum viable product!”

“An SEO copywriter walks into a bar, bars, tavern, pub, pubs, public house, Irish, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor…”

It is only when you know who your customers are and what they might want, is when you can convince them you have the solution!

Hi there! Welcome to the blog where nothing is off the table.

No one comes to your site/product by fluke. It is always a combination of several touchpoints which the customer experienced, either consciously or sub-consciously. And as they say, one size doesn’t fit all. We started The Product Journey with the same pretext.

We believe you can reach the right audience by segmentation and behavior analysis. And as they say, the answer always lies in “user experience”.

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